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Doug and Kelly both do contract disputes, large and small. We work with corporate clients as well as individuals. Contract disputes can also involve large sums of money and volumes of documents, and two lawyers can be helpful.

criminal defense

Both Doug and Kelly provide representation if a criminal charge arises. Our firm has handled everything from criminal trespassing, DUI, and drug charges up to robbery and first degree murder trials.


Doug and Kelly can handle your land or real estate disputes. These areas include easements, road access, boundary line issues, ownership disputes, and just about anything else you can think of involving real estate.


Kelly can handle your divorce, custody, child support, Department of Children’s services proceedings, and enforcement of court orders in these areas. She can also assist you with your adoption needs, whether it involves step-parent adoption, DCS adoption or any other adoption situation that may arise.


Either Kelly or Doug can assist you in making a will or probating a will. They can help you with opening an estate if there was no will. There are situations where assets of a person can be managed with no probate at all. Both attorneys can assist you in evaluating your particular situation and help you reach the most feasible solution.


Doug or Kelly can help you if you suffer a personal injury as a result of someone else’s negligence. They have more than 17 years of experience successfully helping injured clients recover just compensation for losses resulting from auto accidents, health care liability, slips & falls, unsafe conditions or just about any situation where someone else’s carelessness has caused our client injury. We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients over the years.

Our Team


Michelle Daugherty has grown up in Cumberland County and is a trained paralegal. Michelle has been working in the legal profession since 1997. She has worked on just about any kind of case you could imagine. With her experience and background, she can often answer your questions and assist you with the legal process. Michelle works mainly with Doug but has the skills to lend a hand wherever needed.


Doug came to Tennessee in 1982 after earning a degree in Agriculture in Kentucky and has lived here ever since. Before pursuing a law degree, he has farmed, worked in government service and in business administration. He started his practice of law in 1997 after earning his law degree. Doug is a member of the local BNI, a board member of Hilltopper’s and otherwise active in other community and State organizations, over the years served as special Judge in the local courts. 


Kelly is a life-long resident of Tennessee. She grew up in Roane County but has spent the majority of her adult life in Cumberland County. She has multiple degrees from Tennessee Technological University in both engineering and education and worked several years in both of those professions before pursuing her doctorate in jurisprudence. Kelly graduated from Nashville School of Law in 2011 and began her career in the legal profession in 2012. 

missy yuhas

Missy Yuhas joined the Fields and Tollett family in 2019.  Missy grew up in New Jersey and recently moved to Crossville with her husband.   Missy comes to us with over 32 years of legal experience with much of it working in family law.  Missy works exclusively as Kelly’s legal assistant but is happy to help Doug or Michelle in order to have a successful firm.  


About Us


If we don’t do it, we probably know someone who does 

Several years ago we accepted that the law practice, like the medical profession, had become so large and broad that as a practical matter, a good practitioner could not do everything. If you spread yourself too thin, you are probably doing both your client and yourself a disservice. We narrow our practice areas so we can stay current on that area of the law and generally have a good idea what our client needs from the beginning. This saves us time and saves you money. At the same time, we started keeping track of who worked in areas we do not, and to the extent possible, whether they did a good job. It is frustrating calling lawyer after lawyer about your case. So, if we don’t do it, we remain the place to call first so your next call has a better chance of being productive. 

Next, we took a look at two things: First; what legal help do people in our community need (for example, there are not many copyright infringement cases in Crossville). Second; what do we enjoying doing (it’s hard to work with someone that hates their job!). Based on these principles, we concentrate on the areas of practice you will see outlined here. 

Whether you are anticipating the joys of adoption or experiencing the frustrations of marital conflict, Fields & Tollett, Association of Attorneys can help.

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We Regularly Handle

Personal Injury
Wills and Estates
Child custody
Adoption law
Land Disputes